IT Security

We help protect your company against all kinds of security threats

Professionnal antivirus to protect your servers and computers, firewall to block intrusion inside your network, antipam to filter your emails, and off-site data backup solutions.

Why spend money to secure our network. We have never been attacked…

Why buy an insurance for your car even if you never have an accident? Sorry for that easy comparison, but the reasoning about IT Security should be the same around all other assets insurance.

You, business owner, buy an insurance for all your assets, but you fail to protect the most important: your information system and more important, your data.

What will happen tomorrow if your company computers are infected by a virus? Your business will stop.

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The best products to protect your business

Professional antivirus

We sell and install antivirus for professional business and corporate companies. We supply antivirus for computers, servers, phones and tablets.

We are an Official partner and MSP Authorized Resseler for BitDefender since 2020.

We can also supply many other brands depending on your business requirement: Symantec, McAfee, Kapersky, Sophos, Panda, Avast, etc.

Network firewalls

To prevent any intrusion into your network, we provide a broad range of business and professional firewalls. They protect your network against hackers and intruders from the whole Internet.

Innovatech is Aruba Business Partner. We offer with Aruba the whole platform of secure and intelligent network solutions. The platform helps businesses of all size to have an intelligent, autonomous and secure network.

We can provide physical and virtual firewalls from many vendors including: Fortinet, Cisco, Sonicwall, Sophos and Watchguard.

Backup solutions

Because naturally there is no “zero risk” environment, it is important that your business have a good and working backup solution. The backup solution will help your business continue it operation even if it loose access to his live or production information system.

We provide automated solutions to backup your computers and servers data on-site within Network Attached Storage (NAS) but also off-site through our partner Wasabi. Our solution also include a full monitoring and a periodic testing of your backup strategy and a full restoration of your system in case of any incident.

Monitoring and security assessment

Installing security solutions are a good starting for your business data security, but security is also about monitoring, log analysis and continuous assessment and improvement.

Innovatech povide you with resources to monitor your networks 24/7. We also provide you resources for your network assessment anytime you need it.