Remote assistance service

INNOVATECH INTL LLC offers now a remote assistance service. Our company want to make your life easier and help you save time and money. With our remote assistance service, you connect with us directly from your computer. You just have to set up an online meeting by email, phone, or our online chat, and one of our technicians will connect to your computer and do the requested service. You can access all these services from the comfort of your office or from your home.

What we can do remotely :

  • Diagnose your computer remotely
  • Install software and antivirus
  • Configure software and antivirus
  • Check the health of your computer and conduct preventive maintenance
  • Clean virus infection
  • Configure servers
  • Configure backups

What is your win :

  • Your job is done right now when you need it and you don’t have to wait for a technician
  • You save money with a free diagnosis and reduced fees
  • You can access a technical support 24/7

We use the software Teamviewer to connect with you. You can download it freely here and contact us today.

INNOVATECH INTL LLC guarantee 100% confidentiality for all our remote assistance works. Our technicians access only the parts of your computer needed to do the requested repairs. We recommend you to stay in front of your computer during the process. The technician will need your help to validate the quality of the work and confirm with you that he completely fulfilled all your requests. We need to ensure that you are satisfied.

Our company also offers 100% security when we connect to your computer or server. A security team analyzes all our work computers daily to prevent virus and malware infections. We use protected network access and the Teamviewer software encrypts all the communications between your computer and our technician during all the time of the session. So, you can connect with us with peace of mind.