Innovatech provide engineering services, we analyse your information system and provide you with optimization advice. Our engineering service can help you:

  • Streamline corporate and business communication
  • Save on operation and capital expenses
  • Accelerate and optimize operations

IT Audit – A snapshot of your information system state

It is important for you as a business owner or a business manager to have a good knowledge of your assets. The IT Audit is a free service that we provide. Our engineer come to your business place and take a complete inventory of your assets: computer, network devices, software, processes.

This information is then used to provide you with guidance to optimize your current processes and better use your current system. We also provide you with advice for necessary updates that can make your system works better.

Technical proposal

The hardware and software that we proposed are always choose to meet your business specific needs.

Choosing the hardware and software provided by Innovatech is making the choice of a reliable solution that fits your needs.

A reliable information system

Every solution (hardware or software) proposed by Innovatech have been tested by our engineers.

For small businesses, we always choose solutions that offer the greatest reliability and the best support. We also include the longest warranty so you can enjoy your assets for longer. By example, you can buy a computer with a full three years or five years warranty coverage and just enjoy using the materials and not care about any downtime.

You can also use our financing and leasing solutions to reduce the weight of your capital expenses.