Innovatech provide leasing of almost every IT hardware including: laptops, desktops, printers, smartphones, tablets and many different software.

Why the leasing?

Buying or renew IT hardware can be expensive.

The leasing helps you transform your Capital expenses into Operating expenses. You can then have more cashflow for your business day-to-day operation while you have always the best hardware you need. The leased hardware is also completely covered against all downtime by our company. You have no hidden fees and no repair to think about.

What can you lease?

You can lease almost all the hardware but also some software:

  • Desktop and laptop
  • NAS, server and printer
  • Smartphone and tablet
  • UPS
  • Microsoft Office software, Adobe software, Autocad software, antivirus software, etc.

Innovatech advantage

  • We provide brand new hardware for leasing.
  • We can lease to everyone, even if you have a bad credit score of if you are new business
  • We repair and maintain all the leased hardware
  • You can add or withdraw hardware or software anytime during your lease
  • At the end of the lease period, you can buy out the hardware or start a new lease.