Hardware installation

Installing a computer is easy. Installing multiple computers and IT equipment, integrate them to the business network and configure them for the business needs without disrupting the operations is a little more complicated.

Innovatech provide a turn-key solution to integrate your new hardware with confidence. The service include the installation, the configuration and the commissioning of your new hardware.

Complete off-site provisioning

Your hardware is installed and configured mostly off-site on our site. We install the operating system, the drivers, the required software and all the updates. The on-site provisioning is thereby faster and your users have less downtime.

On-site commissioning

Our technicians install your hardware on-site. They configure any remaining software for a perfect integration in your business network. They also pay attention to transfer all the requested data from the old hardware to the new one and also all the users profile configurations.

Hardware recycling

We help you recycle all your electronic waste. We recycle everything including:

  • TV and video
  • Computer and tablet
  • Cell phone and radio
  • Network device
  • Ink and toner
  • Camera and camcorder

We process all hard drive and similar data storage devices in a way that render all data unrecoverable.